Natural Hazards in Songs: Longlist

A big thanks to everyone who sent me songs I had missed out. Here is a new longer list with some links added. Party on, volcano dudes and storm sisters.

Storms and Floods

When the Levee Breaks: Led Zeppelin

My Oklahoma Home Blowed Away: Pete Seeger (clip is Bruce Stringsteen though)

My Original List (from earlier post on Natural Hazards in Songs!)

Cloudbusting: Kate Bush;Hurricane  Drunk: Florence and the Machine; Under the Weather : KT Tunstall; Sometimes: James;Storm: Gregory Isaacs; Weather with You, Crowded House;Stormy Weather, Etta James. Riders on the Storm, The Doors, Jesus do your Hands still feel the Rain, Deacon Blue ; Electrical Storm, U2; Shelter from the Storm, Bob Dylan.

Geophysical Hazards

Continental Drift: Alfred Wegener Song by the Amoeba People. Well worth watching the youtube video that goes along with this song.

Mutual Core by Bjork (on Biophilia released 2011 with a remix promised in 2012).

Fire Snakes:  Laura Veirs. Multi-hazard tastic

Ingrid Bergman: Billy Bragg. Slightly naughty Stromboli reference.

Inner Earth: Kookoon . Ambient techno made entirely of seismic signals speeded up. ‘seismosonic symphony’ !

Volcano: Presidents of the United States of America REally cool video for this here. Lyrics make me think of Air Studios.

Laki: The Lost Highway.

My Original List:

Earthquake: Labrinth; Earthquake: Little Boots Volcano. Red Plastic Bag Volcano: Damian Rice Oh My God: Mark Ronson (feat. Lily Allen) Volcano Girls, Veruca Salt ; Little Earthquakes, Tori Amos; Volcano, Jimmy Buffett; Magma Mama by Ramasutra. ‘Landslide’  variously  done by Fleetwood Mac; Dixie Chicks and laterally by the cast of Glee with Gwyneth Paltrow. .

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