My ten hundred words to describe the science I do

I love rocks. I think they tell you a lot about how they got there if you look at them very carefully very close up and work out what is in them. I like to do this for rocks that were once hot and flew out of the ground.
People can get hurt by these rocks because they can fly out of the ground without warning or with a warning that we have to look carefully for to notice. Hot rocks can fly out the ground in many different ways; each pretty bad for those living close. So, I also like to think about how we can do better at warning people about this. This is either by learning more about what makes hot rocks come out of the ground; what signs they show before they do this or by thinking carefully about how we warn people about this. I learn a lot by listening to the people who have to put up with the flying hot rocks.

Lots of other scientists have described what they do in the 1000 most common words in English and they have been compiled by some fabulous community spirits here

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