Chipmunks, candy volcanoes and mad scientists: Top 5 Volcano ‘Kid’ movies

Another one for the ‘general silliness’ category. My Top 5 of how volcanoes are portrayed in Movies largely made for kids.

Norfolk Firework Volcano

You’ve got to love a trier! Undeterred by Keith’s masterful account of  volcanoes on Film and TV; Tom and BJ’s insightful views on volcanoes in literature AND in the name of UEA50 mash-ups here is my account of Volcanoes in Kid’s Movies.

When you have kids, you get to watch a lot of really bad movies (and some good ones). Sometimes the load is lightened along the way by a little unexpected volcano action. In fact my kids have even been known to entice me into watching a particularly bad version of  ‘Tinker Tweetie Cute Dog Saves the Day’ by pretending there is a volcano in it.  The sad bit is that it works (c.f. No. 1 on this list)

Like Keith’s ‘grown-up’ movies the volcano is usually a plot device. They also have a strong association with bonkers scientists (gotter love a cliche) but never geologists. Volcanoes in…

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