Rugola Science! Check your branding: how do our logos make you _feel_ ?

Face it! W1A (*): slivers of recognition are making the nation’s academics’ collective toes curl. Branding! Marketing! It’s all a bit not very Ivory Tower… but… pause; think for a minute… if you are interested at all in the communication of your science then there are some strong intersections between marketing and science communication. You can’t communicate well without understanding your audience….duh!

To help you out, I’ve applied the very latest colour branding technology analysis using my very own top analysing skills – I’ve carefully unearthed how these projects want you to feel when you come across them in your Twitter Feed (based on project logos in my feed!)

First up: its the Red-dominated crew:


These logos  should make you feel that these projects are intense, passionate and possibly slightly angry. You want these people when you are in a tight spot, they’ll be brave and yell at people. Or, alternatively run about studying volcanoes.

Follow these two on @VMSG_UK and @StrevaProject.


The most popular logo colour in my feed was blue.



ocean2iceBlue is associated with the depth and stability of sky and sea. So, I expect Ocean2Ice must have focus-grouped that logo for at least at month to get so bang on trend for a project on sea-sky-ice. Full marks!

Nice one too, ESRC, dark blue stands for knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness! No messing about with that logo! GfGD and EwF use light blue to introduce tranquility and understanding to their science offering.

NERC stands out with its unusual greensNERC These are associated with harmony, calm and nature! Soooooo…. clever for the Natural Environment Research Council. Watch out though NERC if you go any more yellow on that light green then that can be associated with sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy… uh-oh NERC that would make for an angry kind of town meeting if you emphasised that on your banner!

EGU‘s bright yellow however is associated with intellect, freshness and joy — skippee yippee. If that Viennese poster session is wearing you down – go stand next to the logo and breath in deeply!EGU_logo


VUELCO with their striking black are channelling the powerful elegance of their science – just enough of that mighty red to pull us away from the flipside negative association with naughty pirates that a pure black and white brings. It also remind us about the MAGMA! Nice!logoVUELCO_bigger

White, of course, implies perfection. Only expect the best from Accacia Twitter Feed, folks! Anything else is second best! twiticon_accacia

Finally here come the ‘mixers’


Shoving a bit of orange into your Outreach project is pure genius… orange means….joy, sunshine,enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation! Wow! no need for any fancy gimmicky hands-on experiments if your logo is orange. You just need to turn up with your logo on your t-shirt!

Finally, apparently, LondonVolcano’s powerful red-blue-yellow makes us all think of superheroes. Who doesn’t want  to learn about volcanoes from something that makes you think about superheroes? Not me!

You can follow these three here on Twitter: @OxfordSparks; @VolcTopTrumps and @LondonVolcano.


My top information for this insightful critique was a cool infographic here: and then the Colour Wheel Pro intro:

My inspiration was of course (*)W1A. If you’ve never seen this program try this clip: Remember,guys, its the paradigm and we need to shift it!

You can follow these actually fab projects/organisations by clicking on their names or copying the Twitter names!



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