Academic Clickbait: devastatingly incisive analysis of most shared papers.

It’s been a semester and it’s time for some good cheer. Everyone lean back in your seats and reflect on the Year.

The Altimetrics people published their list of Top 100 articles for 2014. They did some analysis by subject area. Nice, but for me,that’s not quite enough. Its all about the type of interest not the scientific subject. Here, for the first time is my state-of-the-art Venn diagram analysis of their Top 50 (OK, it was meant to be 100, then I got bored).

This is followed by my Top Tips for Impact-tastic research areas for your New Year! You’ll probably need to click on the image to see my errr… ‘summary’ of the paper topic.



OK – so if you are feeling a bit sad about the lack of attention for your existing subject area here are some ideas:

(i) hipster food intolerances

(ii) hominid remains in a social media age

(iii) scientists who waste their evenings constructing spurious Venn diagrams

(iv) climate change in black holes

(v) biology stuff. I simply don’t understand that. Everyone in my Twitter Feed is, like, crazy for volcanoes.

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