Clickety-click : The Volcanoes Top Trumps Online Experience

Volcanoes%202Since we launched Volcanoes Top Trumps we have managed to sell over 10,000 of the packs (both ourselves and in collaboration with Winning Moves). Soon, we will be launching the fund aimed at helping people impacted by volcanic activity. Watch this space!

In the meantime for those of you interested in how well our accompanying website has worked as a vehicle for sharing information about volcanoes and volcanic research here are some fab. facts.

 How many people are looking at the website?


Our views stand at 26,295. Importantly there is some evidence our site is becoming self-sustaining, with more referrals coming from search engines as time passes. Thanks to all who share and Tweet our information.


We added proportionately more material early on but are slowly adding more volcanoes and keep the site up to date. David’s update on Villarica generated a lot of interactions.

How many people click through to find out more?


What is Top of Our Volcano Pops ?

Volcano (page) Viewing League

1. Villarica  876

2. Santa Maria   786

3. Erebus  548

4. Santorini  514

5. Vesuvius   324

See what I mean about David’s update?

What’s my Favourite Bit?

Your Volcano Top Trumps. I love it when people send us random pictures (usually via @VolcTopTrumps) of them playing cards in cool places. In fact I should update it soon. That’s what its all about.

Keep them coming!

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