I like science and I love volcanoes. I also like art. By that I mean books, films,watching the telly, pictures and even statues and stuff. I like what all of these things do to help us make sense of life, and especially when they help us laugh. That’s it.

If you’re interested in the connection between this and the research I do into volcanoes, volcanic hazards, risk reduction and risk communication then follow the link here

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello
    Dear Sir .
    I am Ahmed from Egypt . I am now studying in the final year in the geophysics department . I like volcanoes.
    I want to become volcanologist , what is the level of mark required ? what is the skills required ? and how do I find work in this field .

    thank you …

    1. Hello Ahmed,

      Often, people become a volcanologist by studying for a PhD after getting a good quality degree. Try looking at these opportunities here: http://www.vmsg.org.uk/students/phd.php
      This will give you an idea of what skills people are looking for but many other countries worldwide offer these opportunities.

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